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Nebulox™ Cellular Ceramics – Range of Ultra-light, Fiber-free, Porous Refractories

on 18 April 2018


20180418 Nebulox Feuerfestkeramik 269Nebulox™ ultra-light porous refractories offers very low thermal conductivity for high temperature applications up to 1700°C. Produced from pure raw materials through a patented technology, Nebulox™ products are free from fiber and hence safe for health and environment. The unique porous structure offers excellent thermal shock resistance over a wide temperature range and can be easily machined to suit the specific applications. The Nebulox™ is available in two chemical compositions, in standard sizes up to 450 x 300 x 64 mm. Special sizes/chemistry can be offered on request.



  • Hot face insulation
  • Laboratory and industrial furnaces
  • Electrical and gas fired furnaces
  • Low thermal mass kiln cars
  • Kiln furniture
  • Microwave/Infrared furnaces



  • High operating temperatures – 1700°C
  • Fiber-free – HSE compliance
  • Low thermal conductivity – Significant energy savings
  • Chemically stable – Inert in various operating atmospheres
  • High purity – Microwave and infrared heating
  • Low thermal mass – Faster ramp rate
  • Easy sliding of fired products – Prevents sticking and parts deformation
  • Gas Permeable surface – Easy gas release for substrate application