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High temperature ceramics and refractories

For building and repairing kilns, kiln cars as well as superstructures for burning/sintering of products at high temperatures bricks, special shapes, boards, props, beams, rollers, burner tubes/nozzles, muffles etc. as well as cements/mortar are required. Our product range comprises:

  • low-mass insulation, perlite and refractory bricks in different qualities, sizes as well as special shapes
  • batts, props and special shapes made of cordierite or cordierite-mullite
  • bricks, blocks, tiles, crucibles and special shapes made of corund (Al2O3)
  • batts, props and special shapes made of mullite-bonded silicon carbide (MSiC)
  • batts made of oxide-bonded silicon carbide (OSiC)
  • batts, beams, props, burners and special shapes made of nitride-bonded silicon carbide (NSiC)
  • beams, batts, capsules, rollers, props, burners, thermocouple protection tubes and special shapes of re-crystallized silicon carbide (RSiC)
  • beams, batts, props, burners and special shapes made of infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC)
  • special products made of vibration cast ceramics, e.g. kiln car perimeter bricks or labyrinth bricks, muffles, cyclones, etc.
  • rollers for roller kilns and thermocouple protection tubes, silimanite props with or without ZrO2 doping
  • silica bricks and fused bricks (ZAC bricks) for the glass industry
  • inserts for continuous casting and zirconia nozzles for metal powder atomization as well as crucibles for melting steel, super alloys and noble metals in fully stabilized zirconia.


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