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Wear Shield - New development in the field of Fiber Reiforced Plastics

on 02 April 2018

The company Firma hightech  ceram®  Dr. Steinmann + Partner GmbH is cooperating since 1994 with the company Carborundum Universal Ltd (Cumi), one of the biggest ceramic producers in the world. It started with a know-how transfer for nitride bonded carbide to India and later of high wear resistant alumina. The products produced according to our know-how are sold along with other products from our Indian partner in Europe. The production in India is based on European machiens and equipment, mainly from Germany, as well as with German and European raw materials subject to all required standards and quality principles.

Wearschield Rohrsegment

One of the newest developments in the field of „Fiber-Reinforced Plastics” (FRP) expands the range of wear protection with ceramic components. Tubes, bends, cones, branch pipes and containers (tanks) can be manufactured in various geometries, whereby the outer shell in FRP is inside attached with a SiC filled plastic layer. We sell this product under the name “Wear Shield”. The material is fully maintenance free, corrosion and UV resistant. It is very successfully applied in flue gas desulfurization, where ever liquids filled with solid particles are delivered with high speed, in waste water treatment, conveyor systems for fly ash, TiO2 production, etc. In case of very high wear, the pipes and components from FRP can be lined with our ceramics. Besides being maintenance free, we have to mention especially the low weight, because the material has only a density of 1.8 – 2.1 g/cm³ (depending on the used plastic). Due to the low mass all carrying constructions for those components can be built simple and lighter. FRP products can be produced up to 3 m diameter and 13 m length. Pipes can be supplied with fixed or loose flange.

We always have components in high wear resistant alumina (htc®-Al92) in standard dimensions on stock. They can be used to line pipes, bends and other steel constructions. The FRP products and lined FRP products, respectively, will be provided from India. Besides these  materials we also supply other materials, which are particularly used in wear protection. These include infiltrated or reaction bonded SiC, sintered SiC, nitride bonded SiC, and MMC (Metal Matrix Composit).