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During office hours our team is available for your inquiries. In case you cannot reach us directly, our team members will be busy on the phones. Please try again some minutes later or use our contact form and write your message. Thank you very much!

Dr.-Ing. Detlef SteinmannDr.-Ing. Detlef Steinmann

Phone: +49 2449 6479829
E-Mail: dr.detlef.steinmann [ät]


Dipl.-Üb. Jutta SteinmannDipl.-Üb. Jutta Steinmann

Phone: +49 2449 218588
E-Mail: jutta.steinmann [ät]


John van den AkkerJohn van den Akker

Phone: +49 2449 6479830
E-Mail: john.vandenakker [ät]


Marion FlorMarion Flor

Phone: +49 2449 6479833
E-Mail: marion.flor [ät]


Jürgen KlaesJürgen Klaes

Phone: +49 2449 6479832
E-Mail: juergen.klaes [ät]


Dipl.-Ing. Christian ErdmannDipl.-Ing. Christian Erdmann

Phone: +49 2449 6479831
E-Mail: christian.erdmann [ät]