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Core areas

Wear protection

The business of wear protection is to provide effective solutions to particularly difficult industrial problems, using the inherent properties of certain ceramic materials. Applications require a thorough knowledge of the demand on materials in a variety of wear environments, and the application of our products to solve customer wear problems. Our mission is to focus on applications, development and production in a manner that provides a unique solution to customers.

Rolling contact bearing

As spin-off from the development of a ceramic fas turbine in the senventies, the bearing industry has shown interest on balls made from silicon nitride, due to the fact that the properties of this material versus bearing steel (low weight, harder and stiffer, smoother surface, low thermal expansion, electrical resistance and high corrosion resistance) are very promising. The first trials has been a disappointment, as at this time it was not possible to produce defect-free balls . The breakthrough succeeded only after the development of a direct hot isostatic pressed material with very pure powders in the nineties. Today silicon nitride balls are not to be thought of the application in rolling contact bearings, as its usage is allowing higher speed, is leading to lower bearing and lubrication temperatures, lower friction and due to this caused wear. The result is a longer life time.

Pumps and industrial valves

Ceramic materials are characterized besides high temperature stability also by good upto excellent corrosion and wear performance. This properties are utilized mainly in chemical equipments, i.e. pumps and valves. Especially named can be applications with strong corrosion and/or high solid particle content and high pressure differences respectively high flow rates.

Mechanical and plant engineering

Ceramic materials are of interest in many applications in mechanical and plant engineering but also in electrical industry, due to high hardness as well as high temperature and dimensional stability, connected with high wear resistance and in most cases also good up to very good electrical insulation.

Furnace/Kiln construction and kiln furnitures

Ceramic materials are qualified for all furnace applications due to excellent high temperature properties and the possibility to combine and to specifically optimize ceramic materials for certain properties and applications such as structural material as well as insulating materials, feed throughs, burner nozzles, injection nozzles, kiln cars and kiln furniture structures.