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Core areas

Mechanical seal rings, sliding bearings and shaft protection sleeves in silicon carbide, plunger in alumina, separating cans in zirconia, valve balls, cones, seats, and flow off sleeves in alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide and silicon nitride are today state of the art, especially if it is for non trivial application conditions.

Balls and rollers in silicon nitride and in some exceptions also in zirconia are mainly used in hybrid bearings. All ceramic bearings which have also ceramic bearing rings (most in zirconia but also in silicon nitride), are not often used.

Forming tools, wire lead throughs and deflection pulleys, spray and welding nozzles, positioning and centering pins, soldering bases, spacers, washers, insulating bodies in various engineering materials, break rings in boron nitride, measuring balls in silicon nitride and zirconia, bases for induction hardening in silicon nitride, mould/dies etc. are some examples for the application in mechanical and plant engineering.

Plates for cementing and welding, mosaic tiles and mosaic mats, tubes and tube segments, cones and a wide variety of shapes in alumina are the most important components for wear protection. But also components in nitride bonded silicon carbide and infiltrated/reaction bonded silicon carbide are used. Fused basalt and fused corundum as well as wear resistant concretes, deposit welding and white cast iron complete the wear resistant materials.

Low mass insulating bricks, bricks and special shapes in fireclay, batts, supports, saggars, blocks, beams, tubes and rollers, burner nozzles, muffles and other shapes in cordierite, Cordierite/Mullite, corundum, mullite bonded , nitride bonded, infiltrated and recrystallized silicon carbide as well as Silimanite are used in furnace construction and as kiln furnitures.

Ceramic fibers,  fiber blankets, fibre modules and panels, ceramic robes, cloth, braided ropes, and paper, vacuum formed fiber boards and shapes, calcium silicate and vermiculate boards and shapes as well as shapes and micro porous boards in high dispersed, amorphous silica are used in furnace/kiln construction and as high temperature insulation products.