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Typical applications for silicon nitride balls in hybrid bearings

  • typische anwendungen more 01High speed: dental bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, turbochargers, drive spindles for hard discs, recirculating ball screws, textile machine spindle ball bearings, air tools
  • Extreme lubrication: dental technology tools and surgical tools, semiconductor production, pumps for liquid oxygen, turbo-molecular pumps
  • Clean rooms: semiconductor production, machines for the production of hard discs and liquid crystal displays
  • Corrosion resistance: airplane wing flaps, bicycle bearings, production technology in chemical processing and food processing
  • Extreme temperatures: pumps for liquid oxygen and nitrogen, kilns and kiln cars
  • Vacuum: turbo-molecular pumps, aerospace instruments, semiconductor production
  • Low torque: inline skates, aerospace instruments, robot technology
  • Low weight: wheel bearings, clutch- and gearbox bearings for race cars (e.g. Formula 1) and other sports equipment
  • Oscillating movement: robot technology, actuators for hard discs, scanners fastness against contamination and wear: electric motors, pneumatic tolls, bicycle bearings, inline skates, machines in paper production
  • System rigidity and accuracy: kinematic supports, drive screws for hard discs, recirculating ball screws for machine tools.