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Engineering ceramics in valve applications

Owing to the excellent combination of properties important in armatures, e.g. mechanical strength, good tribological properties, hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, in some cases also cavitation resistance, but above all the possibility of optimizing engineering ceramics, especially silicon nitride and zirconia, for particular applications, there is now a great demand for these materials in power plant technology and chemical plants. Control and transport of solid particles and solid-particle loaded liquids, highly corrosive media etc. are more than ever associated with ceramic components now.

First applications in coal liquefaction and flue gas desulfurization, valve components made of our ceramic materials have opened the following fields of application: oil and gas exploration, fertilizer production, margarine production, food technology in general, high temperature applications, paper and pulp production, sugar production, chemical industry in general, test stand applications, coal dust conveyance, waste combustion, sewage sludge treatment, mineral preparation, colour and pigment production, petrochemistry.

Our ceramics are used in ball valves, rotary plug valves, control and adjustment valves, rotary slide valves and check valves.


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