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High temperature insulation and kiln service

For building and repairing kilns and thermally operated plants, products made of miscellaneous insulating materials are required for the hot-face and backing insulation as well as sealings of doors and the like. Our delivery scope comprises:

  • Products made of ceramic fibres as well as bio-soluble ceramic fibres, like fibre mats, veneering modules, screw-type fibre modules (all in various densities and classification temperatures), self-supporting and accessible insulating panels. Fixtures of stainless high-quality steel as well as vapour barriers of high-quality steel or alumina foils.
  • Glass fibre or inconel-reinforced cords in ceramic or thermo textile as well as coated and uncoated high temperature fabrics
  • Ceramic paper in various thicknesses, also bio-soluble
  • Liquid fibre repair set with and without spray gun
  • Vacuum-formed fibre boards and special shapes in various thicknesses and qualities
  • High-temperature cement for cementing fibre products and low-mass insulating bricks
  • Calcium silicate and vermiculite boards and the special shapes cut out of them
  • Micro-porous boards and special shapes with and without water-repellancy
  • Graphite and carbon soft felts (mats)
  • Hard felts (boards with and without graphite foil coating) as well as special shapes cut out from them
  • Graphite adhesives, cords and CFC boards in various thicknesses and sizes


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